C’est Quitte: The French Creoles of Trinidad

From the high green hills of Paramin overlooking Port-of-Spain, to the dappled shade of a Tortuga cocoa estate, this documentary records with intelligence and insight the influence of French culture on the life and history of Trinidad. Interviews with the descendants of French Creole planters and with eminent Trinidadians such as Sir Ellis Clarke, first President of the Republic, and historian Father Anthony de Verteuil are interspersed with rare archival photographs to give an intimate portrayal of this pivotal aspect of Trinidad’s history. The role of the Catholic church, of the French and Patois (Creole) languages, of educational institutions, of family values and the impact of racism, prejudice and cultural stereotypes are discussed frankly and fairly, as the camera roams from the living rooms of heritage houses to the streets and markets of Trinidad. This is essential viewing for anyone wishing to gain deeper understanding of the social and cultural fabric of Trinidad & Tobago.

Photo Credit: Adrian Camps-Campins - A polo match at the Queens Park Savannah in Port of Spain, Circa 1910