Footprints is a Documentary about Grenada’s journey to it’s first Olympic medal, about a young man with a big heart from a small island, that made History for Grenada, at a time when unemployment was at it’s lowest at and the economy and political climate was under strain, a little fishing village in Guoyave, became a spontaneous Carnival city, outpouring of love and camradrie , born in Gun Battle,( as the name implies, a somewhat low income area with troubled history). Gouyave, Kirani James came from humble beginnings, almost everyone interviewed had an anecdotal tale of his early years, racing against boys older than him, travelling far distances to train, living in modest means, strong maternal upbringing, close knit family with proud values, what strikes the viewer most is how a country, a village rallied around their son, their cousin, brother, hero as he became the only medal winner and gold medal winner for Grenada, along with recreation of his early years and archival footage, scenic broll of Grenada’s beautiful landscape intercut interviews as well as portions of Carnival and old time celebrations. Footprints was the first camera crew on the ground from quarter finals to finals, to Kirani’s homecoming, meeting his friends, Pastor, Coaches, and family, and in his own words, we see how humble and genuine this young man is and why we were so proud when he sang the Anthem in the Olympics, why his tears became ours, and his triumps shared amongst every young boy and girl with a track shoe and team in their corner, or in this case an entire country rallying around their son. he ran with the whole country on his back, he didn’t just run for Kirani, he had the whole of Grenada running with him. (Kirani’s Pastor)
Directed and Produced by Princess Donelan and Barry Collymore of Colour Bar Media
DOP – Iscah Straker
Sound – Kerron Lemmessy
Assistant Camera - Teddy Frederick, Daryl Friday