HeartBeat Episode 11 - ''Tanya Mullings''

Tanya Mullings: Music is My Life

Tanya Mullings, the Canadian born diva who has won the heart of fans all across Canada and the Caribbean. Being the daughter of the late great Jamaican reggae music producer Karl Mullings, means Tanya has been taught by one of the best.


Multi Award winning Canadian pioneer Tanya Mullings currently holds the title as "Top Female Artist" with the 2007 RMAA & CRMA. Internationally recognized Tanya has dedicated 20 years & 4 albums of work with the most prestigious producers in the industry covering all sub-genres of Reggae and Rhythm & Blues. Tanya’s career got underway in the late 80s. Surrounded by a plethora of musical sounds, she gravitated to the mellow strains of reggae infused jams popularly called lovers rock. Over the years Tanya has performed throughout the USA, Canada, England and the Caribbean where she has enjoyed a warm acceptance due to her solid musical delivery.