HeartBeat - Episode 7 ''Macomere Fifi''

EPISODE 7: Tara Woods: Aka Macomere Fifi

Before she became 'Macomere Fifi', award-winning Calypso Queen, she was Tara Woods, Through charting Woods' progression from church chorister to Caribbean folk singer to formidable character on the male-dominated Calypso scene, this documentary reveals the evolution and inspiration of calypso, Canadian-style.

Eulith Tara Woods, Sobriquet - Macomere FiFi, was born in Tobago where she performed with folk art groups prior to migrating to Canada. Macomere FiFi came to Canada in 1982 and immediately started singing with La Petite Musicale of Toronto, an artistic group whose repertoire includes folk singing, Caribbean dance and theatrical productions. Her career in calypso singing started in 1998.


Heart Beat is a unique 13-episode documentary series, which showcases Canadian-Caribbean musicians and explores the hearts, minds and worlds of some of Canada’s most dynamic musical creators.

Created by Frances-Anne Solomon, and produced through CaribbeanTales and Leda Serene Films, in association with Bravo! and Gayelle the Channel, each half-hour episode showcases a different Caribbean performer and explores the depth of their artistry. Live footage and dynamic performances will enthuse viewers, as 13 celebrated musicians share their cultural heritage and experiences.

Featured performers include: Muhtadi, Kobo Town, Nick “Brownman” Ali, the Sattlites and Saidah Baba Talibah, among others. It is directed with panache and passion by Lana Lovell, Elspeth Duncan, Andrea Stewart, Safiya Randera, Paul Nguyen, Justin Lovell, Alberto Suarez and Mars Horodyski.