Literature Alive Season 1 ''Andre Alexis''


Literature Alive is a 13-part documentary series that profiles Caribbean-
Canadian authors and follows the evolution of Caribbean-heritage fiction from
the 1960s through to the hip-hop generation. These revealing and provocative
documentaries explore the lives and creative process of these brilliant authors.
In doing so, we discover the links between personal experience, ancestry, and
migration; between Canada and the Caribbean; between an artist and their art.

In MEMORY PLACES, author and playwright Andre Alexis takes us on a tour of
those places that spark his memories and stir his imagination. The
documentary travels from his birthplace in Trinidad, to Ottawa, where he spent
his childhood, and finally to the Toronto neighbourhood he now calls home. As
he discusses his work, we come to realize why each location has such a
remarkable hold on him.
Internationally Acclaimed, MEMORY PLACES Has Been Screened at the
Following Festivals:
Black International Cinema, 2006 (Berlin, Germany; St. Louis, MO)
International Festival of Audiovisual Programs 2006 (Paris, France)