Literature Alive Season 2 '' Honor-Ford Smith''

Honor Ford Smith: Honor-Bound

Literature Alive is a documentary series that profiles Caribbean-Canadian authors and follows the evolution of Caribbean-heritage fiction from the 1960s through to the hip-hop generation. These revealing and provocative documentaries explore the lives and creative process of these brilliant authors. In doing so, we discover the links between personal experience, ancestry, and migration; between Canada and the Caribbean; between an artist and their art.

Playwright, director, actress, and poet, Honor Ford Smith is best known for her work with the internationally recognized Jamaican theatre collective Sistren. Which empowered working-class women to tell their personal life-stories through plays, writing and drawing.

This documentary examines her work and how she continues to adapt that collective theatre model to enable youth in Toronto to speak out on contemporary issues like the rise of gun violence in the city.