Lord Have Mercy - Episode 4 ''The Flesh is Weak (The Mind is Willing)''

A refreshingly new and funny take on church life, set firmly in the tradition of British sitcom classics like Desmond and Bless Me Father, Lord Have Mercy! takes familiar universal threads of everyday multicultural life.

Youth Pastor Dwight Gooding (Arnold Pinnock) wants it all. He recently married his wife, the beautiful and voluptuous Desiree (Rachel Price), and now that he’s finally finished his ministerial studies, he’s determined to make big changes at Mount Zion, a church located in the heart of the Caribbean community in Toronto.

Enter Pastor Cuthbert Stevens (Dennis “Sprangalang” Hall), a well-respected West Indian preacher. Easygoing and charismatic, Pastor Stevens is close to retirement. He really cannot be bothered by the many hair-brained schemes of the ambitious, but social, Youth Pastor. The two compete for the loyalty and attention of the church group: Pastor Stevens’ faithful assistant, Hope McCauley (Leonie Forbes); Hope’s outspoken, brash and rebellious seventeen-year-old granddaughter, Crystal (d’bi.young); Hope’s grandson and hip-hop producer Kent (Shawn “Singlefoot” Singleton); Gooding’s best friend Ryan (Russell Peters); Pastor Stevens’ sometime drinking and domino buddy, Father White (Louis Negin); and, of course, there’s Marty (Gary Farmer) who helps out at the church when he’s not trying to woo Hope.

Youth Pastor Gooding has his work cut out for him.

Episode 4: The Flesh is Weak (The Mind is Willing)
Crystal develops a crush on Gooding. Between doing the right thing and being flattered Gooding has his hands full.