Room For Rent

Tracy – Ann wants to get rich by any means necessary. She cheats her fellow co- workers out of their rightful commission on house sales. She plans a surprise divorce from her rich husband to get a large alimony cheque and she starts carrying up drugs to the States. Unknown to her however, her husband has private detectives on her trail. Prison beckons…But.

“Room for Rent” shows the ins and outs of a real estate company. How sales agents steal from each other and sometimes themselves. Tracy-Ann is married to a very rich guy (Xavier), but wants out with substantial alimony, so she can marry her boyfriend T.C… Trickery abounds.

Another agent, Niki lives with her husband and three kids in a three bedroom house. Her husband is still attached to his siblings and invites five of them to stay until they can get a place of their own… Chaos reigns.

Tracy–Ann also gets involved in the drug trade. Prison awaits…But….